10 Best Things To Do In Mountain Home

Mountain Home is a city in Baxter County, Arkansas, United States. It was founded as a railroad stop in the late 19th century and was named for the topography of the land. It sits in a valley, surrounded by mountains. Mountain Home is part of the Branson-Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area. Want to book flights check out round trip flights for great offers and deals

Crater Of Diamonds State Park

Located in the heart of Arkansas, Crater of Diamonds State Park is one of the best places to visit in Mountain Home. It’s perfect for folks who want to see some natural beauty and learn about nature at the same time.

Located in Murfreesboro, AR, this park is a popular tourist destination where you can find diamonds! The park has over 3,000 acres with many different types of terrain including grasslands and pine forests. There are also hiking trails that make it easy to get around without getting lost in all the greenery around you. 

The park also has several campgrounds available so if you’re planning on spending more than one night there then it makes sense not only because they have great facilities but also because they’ll get booked up quickly during peak season (June through September).

There are many things inside this state park such as an exhibit hall where you can see some fossils found at Crater Of Diamonds State Park; a gift shop; restrooms; picnic areas; pavilions; water fountains too! 

But don’t expect anything fancy like bathrooms with hand soap dispensers or running water since these were built back before those amenities were common practice among campsites or parks across America today – which means everything here will feel old fashioned without being outdated by any means though – it just gives visitors a chance reflect how far we’ve come over time when compared against earlier eras like now versus then…

Explore the City in a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

If you’re looking for a new perspective on the city, a horse-drawn carriage ride will certainly do the trick. Ride around in style while enjoying views of all that Mountain Home has to offer. You’ll see things from a different perspective and be able to explore parts of town that you wouldn’t have been able to reach before—like the city’s Christmas lights during the holidays or springtime trees in full bloom.

Arkansas Welcome Center

The Arkansas Welcome Center is located at the junction of Highways 62 and 63 and is also conveniently close to several other attractions in Mountain Home. The center offers a wide range of services and amenities to visitors, including information about area attractions, maps, and brochures, food and beverage options such as snacks at their snack bar or cold drinks from their soda fountain (seasonal), restrooms with showers available for overnight guests at no additional cost (also seasonal), picnic tables and grills near their parking lot which is open 24 hours a day/7 days per week year-round.

There’s plenty to see here too! Inside are historic artifacts relating to life in Baxter County throughout its history including one-of-a-kind items donated by residents who lived through those times. 

Outside are two restored vintage automobiles dating back over 100 years: an 1899 Oldsmobile Curved Dash runabout that belonged to Elias Hilliard who owned one of the first automobile dealerships in Mountain Home

As well as an early 60s Ford Thunderbird convertible owned by former U.S Congressman Rex Walls who served from 1967 until 1973 before returning home after his retirement where he spent many years working alongside his dad restoring antique cars – which explains why there’s still paint peeling on both vehicles today!

Blanchard Springs Caverns

Blanchard Springs Caverns is a natural cave system in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The caverns are located on the Buffalo National River, which flows through the Ozark Mountains and forms part of the border between Arkansas and Missouri.

The caverns have been open to the public since 1916 when they were discovered by local boys who were looking for a lost cow (no word on whether or not they found it). Today, visitors can experience these caves by boat or by foot.

Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock

Bull Shoals Lake is a beautiful lake that offers many things to do. There are many restaurants and shops near the lake, making it easy to plan a day on the lake. If you want to spend some time on this beautiful body of water, you can rent boats or simply enjoy a day with family or friends.

Quilting By Karen

At the Quilting By Karen shop, you can learn how to quilt or finish a project with the help of experienced staff members. The shop also carries a wide assortment of fabrics and supplies for making quilts. 

In addition, there are classes on Tuesday afternoons and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The cost is $10 per person per class and reservations are required. This business is located at 6 North Main Street in Mountain Home

Fisherman’s Paradise

Fisherman’s Paradise is a great place for the kids. They have a large playground, petting zoo, and train that goes around the park. There is also a snack bar and gift shop.

Mountain Home Country Club

  • Golf Course
  • Pool
  • Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Spa/Massage Services and Retail Store
  • Party Rooms

The Twin Lakes Playhouse

The Twin Lakes Playhouse, located in downtown Mountain Home, is the premier venue for live theater in the area. The theater produces five shows a year and has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered podcast.

Tickets are available online or at the door (cash only). Seats are first-come, first-served. The best time to go is between September and June when there isn’t an additional parking charge.


Mountain Home is a great place to visit, and I hope that this list helps you decide what activities are right for your vacation. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know in the comments below! Want to rent a car check out the best car rental deals for great offers and deals.

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