Ideas of Loft Conversion

12 Incredible Ideas of Loft Conversion to Take Inspiration From

Loft conversion is the best decision to take for extending the interior space of the room. With a small investment you can give the entire space a new look that serves your purpose and fulfil your fancy.

Above all, this is going to increase the value of your property with just a single room conversion. It will impact the current interior space of your home. So far, you may come across some amazing ideas for your loft. Here we mention the best striking ones amongst them. So, don’t miss to read it out.

  1. Choose Critall-style windows

    While converting your loft despite the design you can place minimal black-framed Critall-style windows. This is a great decision to place it on the external wall while you are going to utilise the space as bedroom. Combining with skylights, it allows plenty of natural light into the room. Hence, it doesn’t matter anymore whether the room has any balcony or not as it will never deprive of light and air, such worth will bring by this window.
  2. Design a full-fledged guest room with living area

    In case there is a lot of space in loft to convert then how’s about welcoming the guests and offering them a room in your own B&B style room. In this design, after placing the bed you have lots of space to put a comfortable L-shaped sofa and desk under Velux window. It will make the best guest room yet you can use it as holiday letting and earn some extra money.
  3. Get a luxury en-suite and spacious shower

    Often people dream of luxurious en-suite in their home and a golden opportunity comes with loft conversion. In most cases, the angles of roof pitch enable you to place the shower head at perfect height. Even you can draw the decor with standout tiles to make the look alluring. However, as higher as the ceiling is as more opportunity you have for the storage.
  4. Install floorboards on ceiling for cabin-like feel

    If you are fond of cosy decor and heritage elements then this idea will take you to another world. With the help of floor boards (wooden ones) lining to ceiling the loft extension distracts the eyeballs from odd-angled or low ceiling by giving cabin-like feel and special uniqueness. Just celebrate the quirk of your home and make it an interior statement.
  5. Keep your bathroom in your bedroom

    Shower cubicles in bedroom are no more just for luxe hotels. You can put this heavenly space in the bedroom with additional wash space to utilise the space of large bedroom. Glass shower walls will maintain the air flow and brightness while compact basin acts as minimalistic element with practical point. Moreover, plants will enjoy the extra humidity due to warm water to thrive your home forest.
  6. Design your studio

    Home is leisure and you can’t deny that. Despite, professionals who used to work on tight deadlines must need a simple and chic work studio to continue their job. But that doesn’t mean you will mix the professional life with personal. So, when converting the loft, you can utilise a corner for your purpose with a small and simple desk with shelves to store necessary things.
  7. Take it up to next level

    If you want to give your loft a unique design then put the sleeping area on elevated position with pedestal. By this way you can make use of the ceiling height perfectly. Along, you can choose the areas for dressing and storage as well. This will truly define your taste and reflect your interior decor gorgeously.
  8. Try some panelling

    Loft conversion and panelling always go hand-in-hand. Most homeowners want to keep the panel for regular walls especially having right angles. But believe me it complements angled walls as well. With proper labelling, you can keep distraction from irregular shape by highlighting the stunning design. Utilise the upper wall for jazzy paint shade or picture handing.
  9. Make a dream playroom for your kids

    Loft space can be a perfect destination for your kids if you convert it into their own playroom. Sloping ceilings can give you the space of slide. The nooks of the space are perfect for storing magazines and children’s collection. You can also place mezzanine sleeping level for a tree-house vibe.
  10. Go with existing features

    Irrespective of the design of loft conversion you need to work with existing structural features like beams. And you must continue it by embracing the work. You can get some period features and adorn the beams with character-filled and lighting accessories. This will give you a rustic vibe and a lovely corner you always dreamt of!
  11. Patterned tiles to groom up your bathroom

    Patterned tiles for bathroom are great choice for both walls and floor. Seating the bath tub roll in the middle will make that you are not only focusing on the tiles but features of the design as well. Moreover, this overwhelming look is not perfect for any ordinary bathroom.
  12. Get a walk-in wardrobe

    Till date, you might have heard about luxurious walk-in wardrobe and you may envy some of celebrities’ walk-in wardrobe design. If you have minimal loft space, you can make your dream comes true. Yes, that awkward corner of the house can give outstanding closet. Minimal design with maximum effect and you can lead a part of celebrity lifestyle. 

Apart from above-mentioned, there are hundreds of designs you can choose for extending your loft. Always choose a reliable loft conversion company in London that will guide you in the correct way by giving options of extensions complemented and suitable for your house and loft space.

Budget is something you cannot ignore considering to select the loft conversion company. Don’t compromise quality with money. Instead, go for a company that takes fair charge and provides highest standard of services.

Moreover, if you have any plan to design or utilise the loft that serves as a purpose then talk to the specialist of design planner. This will offer them lots more space to explore more ideas and take inspiration from for your loft extension.

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