DIY lamp repair

8 Easy steps to DIY Lamp Repair

If you are looking for DIY lighting projects, you can certainly consider projects like repairing a table lamp or creating your very own antique pendant lamp. These jobs require quite reasonable time and effort. There is also not much complicity involved. Moreover repairing not only enables you to make use of an old lamp but it also allows updating the lamp set to match the contemporary times.

A table lamp typically has 6 parts which are as following – the

  • Base
  • Spindle
  • Socket
  • Cord
  • Plug and
  • Shade

For your convenience let us divide the task into easy steps.

Step #1 – experienced electricians dealing in lamp repairs suggest, first you have to disassemble the lamp. So take the bulb out from its socket. Once the bulb is taken out, remove the lamp shade from its position.

Step #2 – once the lamp shade is taken off, it is time for socket removal. Usually a socket in these lamps comes in two parts – the cap and the shell. The part that holds both the switch and the socket is the shell, whereas the cap only snaps onto the shell apart from providing support in screwing the lamp spindle. You have to unscrew the socket shell from the cap of the socket. Leave the wires as they are – connected to the socket shell. There is no need removing the socket cap as of now.

Step #3 – at this stage you have to get rid of the old plug as well as the cord. So you will need a pair of wire cutters to separate the plug from the cord. Gently pull both the cord and the socket shell from the top of the lamp. Note whether there is a setscrew attaching the socket cap to the spindle. If there is one, then you have to loosen it before trying unscrew the socket cap from the spindle. Lastly you need unscrewing the spindle from the base of the lamp.   

Step #4 – as we move on to the next stage, it is time getting the new cord ready. This is also the time when you have to rebuild the lamp. How can you do that? Start with striping both ends of the replacement cord using a wire stripper. Strip about half an inch from each side. Do not forget trimming about a quarter to half inch if you are using an antique cord that is covered with cloth. Use a pair of scissors for this purpose and wrap the cloth ends covering with electrical tape. This helps avoiding fraying.

Step #5 – after setting the new cord ready you have to thread it in through the lamp. Pass an end of the cord through the bottom of the lamp base. Then take it out through the top. Make sure to thread the wire through the spindle. Do not forget reattaching the spindle to the base of the lamp. In the next step you have to thread the cord through the bottom of the new socket cap. Then it has to be followed by screwing the cap to the spindle. Lastly if it has a cap setscrew, then tighten it.

Step #6 – now you have to attach the new socket. You have to use a little effort and pull through about 4 inches of the new cord. Make sure to separate the two wires. Then tie the two separated wires into an underwriters knot. So, this way the cords will be prevented from being going loose from the bottom of the base of the lamp on their own. Remember the black wire is the positive one while the white one is the neutral. Fix the black or positive wire to the brass screw terminal. Similarly attach the white neutral wire to the other screw terminal exactly in the same way. Last but nevertheless the least you must snap the socket shell to the existing socket cap.  

Step #7 – now you have to attach the new plug. But first you should disassemble the plug and attach it to the cord exactly n the same way – that is the white or neutral wire to the silver terminal while the black or positive wire to the brass terminal. After attaching the wires it is time to reassemble the plug.

Step #8 – now you are almost done. This is the final step to your mission. In this step you have to replace both the bulb and the lamp shade. Once these replacements are made, you are through with the task you set out with. Thus, you see fixing a table lamp is not rocket science. For more information and tips feel free to reach out to us at the Electric Works London. You can search us online from any location in London using strings like “electric light repairs near me”. We are one of the most trusted electrical services company in the city. Our qualified, skilled, trained and experienced electricians also work as emergency electricians. We handle every kind of electrical jobs that exist under the sun and cater to the unique needs of both domestic and commercial clients.

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