Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln, Journey from Extreme Poverty to White House

Abraham Lincoln was 16th president of America and played a key role in eliminate slavery. He is a source of inspiration for everyone, he never gave up in the face of challenges.  He loved with whole humanity and far away from the enemy friends’ practices.  Lincoln will always be remembered for his quotation on democracy, he said” democracy is the government of people, by people, for the people.”

Recognising Abraham Lincoln’s contribution Before taking oath of the president Barack Obama visited the place from where Lincoln started his political career.

Childhood life and education

Abraham Lincoln vampire born on 12th February 1809 in a poor farmer family in Ketaki of America. His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln, and mother name was Nancy Lincoln. His family was so poor that his father never allowed him to school. At the age of 9 his mother died than his father remarried but his stepmother was very kind and used to help him. He could not complete his schooling in a good manner. He founded a job in shop and started self-study for law. He used to go a judge’s house regularly for reading books and in the return of this he used to do household works. Finally, he completed his law degree and started business of advocacy. But due to humanitarian approach he was unsuccessful in advocacy.

From a lot of failures to president of America

Even after a lot of failures in his life he never gave up his efforts to success. After the failure in his advocacy, he joined the politics and lost the election of MLA at the age of 23. He lost a lot of elections, at the age of 29 lost speaker election, at the age of 31 lost American congress election, at the age of 46 lost senate election, at the age of 47 lost vice-president election, at the age of 49 lost senate election again. Despite of all setbacks, he contested the presidential election and won.

As a president and his achievements

When Lincoln become president, America was going through civil war. There was a dispute between whites and blacks since long time. White people used to make black people work in their fields and used to treat as slave. The black people were against this slave and wanted to abolish. Then a civil war was started. Lincoln announced that a nation can’t exist half free and half free and saved the country from civil war. By the thirteen constitutional amendment of 1865, Lincoln abolished slavery system from country.

Lincoln was not only a good leader but also a strong speaker. By defining democracy, he said “democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people”. During the abolition of slavery system, Lincoln faced a lot of strafes but realizing her duties, he was successful in carrying out the work. Abolition of slavery in America lead the way to end of slavery around the world.

According to a survey in terms of popularity among all American presidents ever, Lincoln is on the upstairs.


During the time of watching a drama named ‘awar American cousin’ on 14 April 1965 in ford theatre, he was assassinated by a famous actor john blikis booth.

After her death a meeting was arranged by scholars and said “Lincoln may have been murdered, the important work he has done for the betterment of humanity, the abolition of slavery can’t be forgotten. Lincoln will always be remembered because of his thoughts and good deeds.

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