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Ajit Doval – James’s bond of India – 5th National Security Advisor

India’s top spy master, super cop, Chanakya of 20th century and current national security adviser of India, Ajit Doval is known as James’s bond of India. Ajit Doval is considered as the most powerful bureaucrat of India. As the NSA, he has been given the status of a cabinet rank minister. Sometimes rikshaw puller, sometimes cobbler, sometimes change religion to become a citizen of another country, sometimes teaming up with enemies extracting all their information from them, in his 30 years of undercover journey, he has done such dangerous feats, which hardly anyone has done before in the world of espionage.

Based on his ability and intelligence, he brought the biggest enemies of the country to their knees.

Today he is 77 years old. but whenever we see him on TV or in any event, event today he looks quality fit and active. Even today Indian foreign policy and matters related to security is decided in the supervision of him.

In this article, you will know about Ajit Doval story, his early life, education, history, and many hidden things that You must have never heard or read this before.

Early life

Doval was born in 1945 in Puri Garhwal of current Uttarakhand in an army family. His father, major Gl Doval was an officer in Indian army. He completed his schooling from an army school and college from Ajmer military school. At the age of 22, completed master’s degree in economics for University of Agra. After finishing his masters, he qualified UPSC in his very first attempt and joined Indian police service in 1968 in Kerala cadre as the post of ASP.

Shortly after his posting, an extremely unfortunate incident took place in Kerala. On 28 December 1971, communal tension started rising between Hindus and Muslims in Kerala’s Thalasseri village over some rumours. In the first week of 1972, Thalasseri village of Kerala was witnessing a full-blown Hindu Muslim right.

There was a tense situation on both sides. The incidents of non-violence, looting and theft were increasing. seeing the situation getting out of control, k Karunakaran, the then Home Minister of the country, started looking for police personnel who could control these riots. Within no time, Ajit Doval, a young and smart police officer posted as ASP, came in the eyes of the Home Minister. Ajit Doval has not even completed 3 years in service, but the discussions about his work were spread far and wide, his seniors had come to know that there is something special in him, due to which the Home Minister chooses Ajit Doval to control the riots. In a few days, Ajit Doval not only pacified the riots by convincing the people of both the communities, but also cast such a spell on them that they agreed to return each other’s looted goods. That is, Ajit Doval alone should do the work which the entire police personnel could not do. His bravery started being discussed from Kerala to Delhi.

Very soon he came into the eyes of intelligence officer sitting in Delhi and he was called to join Central services. He was sent Delhi for deputation in intelligence bureau.

With this, he stepped into the world of espionage at such a young age and from here the journey of an IPS officer to become India’s Spy Master began.

Life undercover

after seven years of police service, Doval was appointed to IB. In the 1970s, there was an atmosphere of insurgency in the Northeast. The states there were demanding an independent country for themselves. Talking about Mizoram, the instability there was at its peak under the separatist Lal denga. Mizo National Front was demanding separation of Mizoram from India. This situation was very critical for the Government of India. In such a situation, the IB decided that one of their officers would go to Mizoram and try to pacify the insurrection. Ajit Doval returned to duty a few days after his marriage, but to go to Mizoram Got ready. Here Lal denga spread his terror on the strength of his commandos.

Doval succeeds in breaking six out of the seven commanders of Lal denga and brought them to the Indian state. Thus, after some time a peace talk was finished between Lal denga and the Indian government. Separatist moment was ended and held elections. Ultimately, Ajit Doval mission succeed. He was awarded the presidents police medal for his contribution in the accession of Mizoram with India.

Similar incident was seen with Sikkim. Till then Sikkim was not in the Indian Union. The king of Sikkim did not want to accede to India. But once again Ajit Doval merged Sikkim with India with his Chanakya policy. By the end of 1970, the situation in the Northeast had improved, but in the next decade, new tensions were boiling in Punjab.

Ajit Doval’s contribution to end the Khalistan movement

Groups of militants, making Amritsar’s golden temple their safe shelter, started spreading terror all over the city. By the time 1984 came, the situation become critical. Indian military personnel carried out Blue Star operation to free the golden temple from the militants and drove them all. After this operation even golden temple was not totally free from militants. Operation Black thunder was launched in 1988 to liberate the golden temple from militants. Ajit Doval had an important role, to get information about the remaining militants, he disguised himself as a rickshaw puller and convinced the militants that he is a Pakistani intelligence officer and came for help them. Ajit Doval narrated every small and big information about the militants while staying inside the golden temple and handed over to the Indian army. Based on information, black thunder was lunched, and Ajit Doval managed to cross it.

Militants take it to the ‘morchas’ in the of golden temple, inviting security forces to take action during Operation Black Thunder.-express photogrph by swadesh talwar May9, 1988

Ajit Doval in Pakistan

In 1972, India conducted its first nuclear test, Pakistan was shocked as soon as this test was successful. Soon after this Pakistani scientist AQ khan sought help from China and France to develop Pakistani nuclear programme. As soon as France got a clue of Pakistan’s anti-India ambitions, it withdrew from the nuclear program, but China agreed to help. PM Indra Gandhi, setup her spy network in Pakistan and China to trace all the activities of Pakistan.

Ajit Doval was sent to Pakistan, he reached kahuta city of Pakistan by disguising himself as a beggar. He suspected that Pakistan’s nuclear is going on here inside the institute named khan research canter. Ajit Doval sat outside this canter and started tracking all the scientists coming and going. But didn’t find any strong evidence. After this, he went a barber shop where scientists used to come to hair cutting. From there he collected the hair sample and sent India for testing.

In testing, it was found that those hair samples were exposed to nuclear radiations, that means, he got convinced that’s Pakistan nuclear programme is going on in khan research canter. Ajit Doval   cleverly extracted all the details of their nuclear programs and transferred them to India. Ajit Doval sent crucial details of Pakistan’s nuclear programs to India and proposed different methods to destroy it but the plan was dropped due to political reasons. India didn’t do anything against of this but after the role played by Ajit Doval, Pakistan also appreciated the role of Indian intelligence.

In 1988, Ajit Doval was awarded by highest gallantry award “Kirti chakra”. Ajit Doval was the first police officer to be given this military honour.

In 1990, he used his accurate negations skills to stop growing militancy in Pakistan. 

Post retirement phase:-

After seven years of police service and 30 years in IB, post retirement Ajit Doval was actively involved in the country’s politics, academics & specially in national security. On 30 may2014, Ajit Doval was appointed as India’s 5th NSA.

In 2015, Ajit Doval with the support of the government of Iraq, rescued all the 46 nurses kidnapped by ISIS in Tikrit, Iraq.

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