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Can Braces Correct Black Triangles?

Often with aging, people notice triangular gap within gum line and teeth. This condition refers to as Black Triangle or Open Gingival Embrasures. Although it is not problematic or unhealthy but it definitely provides an unpleasant appearance that affects the self-esteem of the persons. Fortunately, there are certain treatments available which can address this problem effectively. 

What is the reason of having black triangles?

Small black triangles occur due to the teeth shape, gum disease or inadequacy in gum tissue. With aging, the gums start receding naturally which is why it is so common in the adults. Other instances of black triangles are vigorous tooth picking, nail picking and rough flossing and brushing along the gum line.

During orthodontic treatment the black triangles revealed. However, it never causes black triangles. Not only because of unpleasant appearance, but black triangles also harbour food debris resulting in gum disease and tooth decay. Here you can come to know how to prevent black triangles.     

Is black triangle preventable?

It is not possible to ignore black triangles. Over time slight spaces within the teeth is quite obvious and helpful to cleaning. In case, the space is quite vast, it is easy to improve oral hygiene by reducing it with the help of effective treatment.

On having black triangles, you need to follow a strict oral care regime comprising of brushing, flossing and swishing the mouth with mouthwash. Even you need to attend every dental appointment at an interval of 6 months.

These will ensure the health of the teeth and bone by preventing bone loss and inflammation respectively. The only way on keep an eye on the oral health is by visiting for dental appointments.  

Does orthodontic cause black triangles?

It is completely a misconception that orthodontic treatment leads to black triangles. Rather than causing, it addresses and eliminates them. With proper alignment of teeth, gum tissue lack or receding gums will expose the black triangles. With orthodontic, there is no fear of black triangles or gum loss. 

Black triangles and orthodontic treatment

When there is small black triangle within the teeth, orthodontist can correct it effectively. Orthodontists mainly use braces, Invisalign or Interproximal Reduction (IPR) for the treatment.

Invisalign and braces

Orthodontist will provide Invisalign or braces for reducing the black triangle appearance. The treatment involves exerting consistent pressure on specific teeth in order to move them in a perfect alignment. Proper alignment over time significantly reduces black triangles.

Interproximal reduction (IPR)

Highly-experienced orthodontists carry out Interproximal Reduction for eliminating black triangles. Generally, they perform the treatment manually with the help of flexible diamond coated strips which will work on the front and back of your teeth.

The orthodontist will trim slight amount of the enamel for enabling them to come closer. As a result, the black triangles will remove and the spaces will fill by the gum in between the teeth.  

Black triangles make the patients self-conscious regarding their smile. So, if you want to undergo smooth and comfortable orthodontic treatment then take Invisalign invisible braces from the orthodontist. They make use of latest techniques and technologies to ensure you obtain the best results.

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