My Teeth more Yellow Near the Gumline – What are the Causes and Treatment?

Often, you will come across some oral issues that might force you to disrupt your normal course of life. Indeed, pain in the teeth and gums is one such issue. However, another oral issue that may not bother you physically but can affect you mentally is teeth discolouration. In most cases, you will find a yellow or brownish patch near your gumline. Although this is not a hurtful issue, it can ruin your social life.

Most people shy away from the public the moment they notice a yellow or brown tinge on their teeth. First and foremost, discolouration in the teeth does not happen overnight. This is a gradual process and starts much earlier than you notice. The discolouration differs from person to person. The colour varies from light yellow to dark brown. There can be several factors of this tooth discolouration.

However, over the years, teeth tend to become yellow. The factor of age is inevitable. However, having discoloured teeth at an early age is not normal. If you have to prevent teeth discolouration or get rid of yellow teeth near the gumline, you have to go through this blog. In this blog, we have discussed the causes of teeth discolouration and how you can prevent them. Therefore, without further delay, let’s get started with the blog.

What are the causes of teeth discolouration?

The primary cause of teeth discolouration is the kind of food and drinks we consume. Besides, poor oral health can also be a possible cause of teeth discolouration. Given below are the possible causes of tooth discolouration. We have discussed how these causes can change the natural colour of your teeth.

  1. Foods, drinks and alcohol

    One of the possible causes of suffering from tooth discolouration is the kind of food and drinks you consume. Besides, alcohol can also bring a lot of stains and marks on your teeth. Your teeth have an outer layer known as dentine that can retain the whiteness of your teeth. The moment the enamel and the dentine start eroding, you suffer from tooth discolouration.

    Some of the culprits that play havoc and disrupt the whiteness of your teeth include red wine, chocolate, tea, coffee, and red sauces. Another root cause of teeth discolouration is tobacco. Anything that contains nicotine can lead to tooth discolouration. Some researches have proved that people who smoke have discoloured teeth more than those who don’t.
  2. Antibiotics, injuries and age

    According to several dentists, age can make your teeth brittle, thereby staining and discolouring them. Another reason for the tooth losing its natural colour is the injuries. Just consider an example to understand it better. When you have cavities in your mouth, it affects both the teeth and gums. Sometimes, the cavities remain in the gums and tooth roots. As a result, it stains the teeth. As per the research of the Food and Drug Administration, some antibiotics can lead to tooth discolouration. Taking tetracycline can develop stains and marks in the teeth.

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How to prevent tooth discolouration?

Now that you have a detailed idea about the potential causes that lead to yellow teeth near the gum line, it is time to focus on its prevention. Here, you have to note that preventing tooth discolouration does not happen overnight. You have to follow some good oral practices to maintain the teeth. Given below are some preventive measures against teeth discolouration.

  • Brushing teeth

    Every one of you brush your teeth regularly. But the frequency of brushing teeth matters. Besides, the way you brush your teeth is also important. Although dentists suggest you brush your teeth twice every day, it is better to brush your teeth after every meal. The importance of brushing teeth lies in the fact of keeping them free from cavities. Besides, the soft bristles of the brush allow the dirt and debris sticking at the stubborn corners of your mouth to come out.

    When brushing, make sure to use the right strategy. People tend to brush rigorously. They think that brushing hard will remove all stains from their teeth. In reality, rigorous brushing can lead to bleeding gums. Use circular motions inside your mouth to brush your teeth. Also, make sure to change your brush at an interval every six months.
  • Choosing the right toothpaste and mouthwash

    Along with brushing, picking the perfect toothpaste and mouthwash is also important. According to the American Dental Association, you should buy toothpaste and mouthwash that have fluoride in them. Scientifically, it has been proven that fluoride fights cavities and germs inside the mouth. Therefore, using toothpaste and mouthwashes with fluoride can help you stay away from dental issues.
  • Flossing

    Just like brushing, it is equally important to floss your teeth regularly. This is because sometimes the remaining food particles get stuck in between the teeth. You cannot remove these simply by brushing. When you floss, you keep the thread in between two teeth. This thread is then moved in a two-and-fro motion to get rid of the dirt stuck in between. Besides removing dirt particles, flossing also prevents the mouth from bad odour.
  • Limiting sugary foods and drinks

    It is necessary to limit the intake of sugar as much as possible to maintain good oral hygiene. The reason behind this is when you consume sugary sodas or chocolates, they leave behind a film of starch and sugar on top of your teeth. The bacteria can sit on this sugary coating inside your mouth. This ultimately leads to tooth decay and cavities. The best that you can do to your teeth is to cut down on sugar completely. However, if you have a sweet tooth, make sure to brush your teeth after eating something sweet.
  • Visit dentist

    Above all, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with your dentist every time you face an oral issue. However, going to the dentist only after you are infected with an oral problem is not a wise decision. Include a visit to the dental chamber at an interval of at least six months.


Therefore, teeth discolouration does not happen in one night. You have to take good care of your teeth and oral health to prevent teeth discolouration. The earlier you start, the better it is for you. Besides, visit at to book a consultation.

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