Pain Relief Without Medicine

Pain Relief Without Medicine

According to an estimate, one out of every five people is struggling with pain. Most people keep taking painkillers for a long time without consultation, which can prove to be more fatal for the body in the coming days.

Safe methods of pain management

Pain is not a disease, it is the basic symptom, about which the nervous system of the body warns you that a disturbance has started in the body. The pain can also be for some time and can bother for many days. There can be innumerable causes of pain in the body, any disease, before or after surgery, after getting burnt or after being victim of an accident. Pain remains lifelong in many conditions like arthritis, weakness of bones and muscles. In such a situation, taking painkillers for a long time is not the solution.

Don’t become a doctor by yourself

According to Dr. Novita Purohit, Pain Management Specialist, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, in certain diseases and conditions, painkillers have to be taken to get relief from pain. But without consultation Taking medicines is like inviting diseases.  This can be fatal.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, taking pain-relieving drugs – be it strides or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – without consulting them harms health.

  • Bad effect on liver kidney
  • Heart disease, risk of clot formation in blood vessels.
  • Risk of ulcer
  • Indigestion, loss of appetite, constipation, gas, and abdominal pain.
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure

According to the medical journal The Lancet, excessive use of painkillers without a doctor’s consultation also increases the risk of depression. taking painkillers for a long time is not the solution.

Be especially careful

  • People suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, pregnancy, heart disease, and cancer etc. should not take medicine without doctor’s consultation, especially in diabetic patients, its bad effect is seen on the kidney
  • After taking the medicine, if there is any abnormal symptom in the body, burning sensation on the skin, rash, red mark, allergy, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, etc., then stop the medicine and consult a doctor
  • Do not take pain relievers on an empty stomach, with alcohol or any other intoxicants
  • Do not give the pain medicine of elders to children
  • Know the side effects of the drug with other drugs

Initial pain management with ‘PRICE’

If there is no bleeding due to an accident or injury during sports, then follow Price’s formula as a first aid.

  • P means pressure
  • R means relax
  • learning ice
  • Compression, it means applying pressure to the affected area
  • Elevation means keeping the injured part above the pillow with the help of mattress

Physiotherapy: According to Dr. Akshaya Dixit, Principal at Apex Institute of Physiotherapy in Varanasi, physiotherapy or physical therapy has played an important role in pain management for neuropathic pain, paralysis, arthritis, joint and muscle pain, sports and accident injuries. This helps to activate the joint while reducing pain. In addition to stretching of specific organs, trance interference therapy, ultrasound therapy and short-wave diathermy equipment are used.

These techniques will also give relief in pain

Yoga: Regular yoga improves the balance of the body. Improves digestion of the body and makes joints strong and flexible. This reduces pain and prevents many types of pain. There are many easy ways to relieve or work on joint and muscle pain, such as Ustrasana, Bhujangasana and Makarasana, which reduce back pain and joint pain. Surya Namaskar is a complete exercise.

Acupressure: In this therapy, certain points located in the body are pressed with the help of thumb and fingers. Acupressure believes that by pressing these points, energy is transmitted in the body and blood circulation is better in that part. This also removes the toxins deposited on the joints. It can provide special relief in arthritis, headache and problems related to joints.

Acupuncture: This is about 6000 years old system of China. Açu means points located in the body. According to Chinese doctors, there are about 365 energy points in the body, which when pressed on the skin with a needle, the energy generated controls diseases and pain caused by them. The WHO has recognized acupuncture as effective for migraine headaches and back pain. But get treatment from a registered specialist only.

Magnet therapy: According to Dr. Om Prakash Anand, a magnet therapy specialist associated with Dev International Yoga Centre Kanpur, every cell of the body is full of magnetic power. When we place a magnet on an organ, it improves the blood circulation of that part and oxygen is available in sufficient quantity. Various types of magnets emit waves that reduce pain and inflammation.

Pain Management in Ayurveda

According to Dr. Pratap Chauhan, director of Jiva Ayurveda, various types of colic, pain or pain arise in the body due to the vitiation of arthritis.  arthritis causes dryness in the body, it dries up the natural lubricants of the joints, which causes pain. Apart from herbal medicines, the emphasis is on –

  • Massage mustard and sesame oil on the painful area and take steam. Panchakarma, mud therapy and portly massage also provide relief in pain and swelling.
  • Avoid acidity-enhancing food like cold foods, urad dal, rajma, cabbage. Don’t eat junk food.
  • Make positive changes in lifestyle. Get enough sleep.  Exercise regularly.
  • Waking up late in the night increases arthritis.
  • Eat fresh food. Drink lukewarm water.
  • Ghee and soup work as natural lubricants, consume them.
  • Consume dry ginger, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, amla, turmeric, sesame etc.

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