Increase the Income of Farmers

Some Practical Ways to Increase the Income of Farmers

Farmer is an important pillar of the country’s development. Its strength strengthens the whole country.  It is repeatedly discussed that the number of farmers is decreasing, then efforts are also being made to increase the income of the farmers in some way. Today, on Farmer’s Day, it is necessary to discuss some measures to increase the income of farmers.

  1. The first solution: The 1st solution is most important for small farmers to turn towards high value crops, such as vegetables, capsicum, strawberries etc. cultivation is proving beneficial.  The demand for vegetables is increasing rapidly. The middle class is developing, urbanization is happening, so the demand is bound to increase. Small farmers should turn to meet this demand.

  2. The second solution: Nowadays, it is very important for the farmers to unite and get organized. In many places, such farmers’ organizations or organizations are being formed, for this there is also a plan of the Government of India, so the farmers should know their surroundings.  Wherever the farmers are getting organized, it should be connected as soon as possible. Whatever changes will happen in the economy in the coming 4-5 years, the system will run on the basis of communication. 5G will not only bring changes in the communication sector, it will also connect farmers with each other and with other agricultural organizations, markets, etc. in a better way. To take advantage of communication, farmers will have to join the farmer business organization being formed around them.

  3. The third solution is water management: At present, in most places, farmers have to make arrangements for water alone. Now the farmers of the entire village will have to collectively plan for water. Irrigation will have to be arranged till every field by laying pipes inside the ridges. The farm where water will be needed, it will be too late to open the tap of that farm. This water supply system will be sensor based. Farmers have to understand that due to climate change, there will be a problem of water. More will have to be done to make solar energy based collective irrigation system in the villages.

  4. The fourth way is mechanization: Still the pace of mechanization is very slow, we have restricted ourselves on tractors, there are many small machines. Smart machines have to be adopted for sowing, weeding, harvesting etc. Anyone who is thinking that he will stop technology, he will never succeed. The development of man includes the development of technology, and the development of technology includes agricultural development.

  5. Fifth Solution: The state governments need to undertake land reforms. Decades have passed since consolidation, the fields have again become small, scattered. Today there is a need for consolidation again. Because of this, farmers have started facing problems in many states of the country, the governments should find a solution as soon as possible. Patti and shareholder law is also needed. Due to the absence of such a law, the investment that should have been made in agriculture has stopped. Today you cannot take land on lease for long term farming. Many people are doing farming by taking land on lease. The landowner who is sitting in Delhi-Mumbai is not a farmer, the one who is doing farming on lease is a farmer, we should worry about this farmer. If a good policy comes, then investment will also come, along with this, modernization will also happen fast.

  6. Sixth solution: I have seen farmers making fun of the information received from the Meteorological Department many times. One has to think about covering the crop on the possibility of rain. People are thinking that due to high temperature, mustard seed is not getting ready, later it is known that the information about high temperature had come but the farmer did not pay attention.

  7. Seventh solution: Now women have come a lot in agriculture, there is a need to make machines according to them. Full help should reach the women farmers. Undoubtedly, the farmers should keep demanding their due from the country. The economic income should be so much that the farmer can lead a dignified life with his family.

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