Vaginal Dryness during Menopause

Tips for Treating Vaginal Dryness during Menopause

Vaginal dryness is the most common issue at the time of menopause along with others like night sweats and hot flashes. But this condition makes sex less enjoyable and very painful.

Vaginal wall is rich with estrogen receptors. When there is lack of estrogen the walls which were sturdy, supple, expandable and elastic become fragile and tight. Even the skin becomes thin-like tissue paper and it cannot withstand the change takes place at the time of sex resulting in bleeding, wearing and tearing.

This blog will let you know some effective ways to treat vaginal dryness. Read on to know them.

Lose it or use it

When you are feeling pain during intercourse, you just want to avoid it naturally. But without regular sexual activity (including masturbation) vagina becomes tighter and smaller worsening down the problem ever. The problem is similar for the men with erectile dysfunction too. The couples desperately want to get back their enjoyable sex life and it is absolutely possible.

Non hormonal treatment

First of all, you need to try with non-hormonal therapy. Only 2 simple things can be your companion in this- lubricant and moisturiser.

  • Vaginal moisturisers

Similar to normal skin, menopausal vagina needs moisturising too. Although, you don’t need to do it every day yet make sure it is consistent and regular. There are many products available in the market. You can consult with the healthcare provider to know the most suitable one that restores the mucosa of premenopausal vagina. Some contain hyaluronic acid prove to be beneficial too.

Vaginal lubricants

When you are trying hands with different brands just refrain from scented and flavoured items. You can become sensitive to them. When you are going to use STD protection it is better to use water-based lubricants which will not affect condoms at all. For natural lubrication you can use coconut oil. But remember it is oil-based and thus it won’t go hand in hand with any condoms at all.

Vaginal hormonal therapy

  • Vaginal estrogen therapy

If your vaginal dryness is because of lower estrogen level then it is the most efficient treatment for it. This will restore the estrogen level in vagina. The hormone performs by thickening vaginal walls to boost the blood circulation that will in turn improve natural secretions.

The therapy is available in different forms like vaginal creams, vaginal suppositories, vaginal ring and tablets. However, if you choose ring then the dose is lowers whereas with the cream it is highest. Hence you can control the required dose to restore the sexual function, ability and vaginal integrity.

  • Vaginal estrogen safety

Estrogen is the key hormone in females responsible for reproduction and sex. But you must know that hormone replacement will attribute to risks of breast cancer. Although risk is there with estrogen exposure from vaginal estrogen yet it is quite lower.

Even the blood level will remain same within menopausal range. So, the estrogen is unable to carry high risk of clotting like hormone replacement. Also, there is a pale chance to develop uterine cancer too. Regardless of such major differences, FDA gives warning to avoid both of these methods.

In case, you had medical history with breast cancer vaginal estrogen should be avoided as it can trigger the risk again. It is better to consult with your healthcare provider prior to use any sort of method. However, when non-hormonal treatment is ineffective, many women opt for short estrogen course for restoring sexual function and vaginal integrity along with long-term maintenance therapy and OTC moisturisers.

  • What is estriol cream?

It refers to weak estrogen which effectively treats vaginal dryness. Although compounding pharmacies introduced it yet it is not approved by FDA. In case you want to avoid FDA-approved items as you won’t take estrogen then it is absolutely perfect for you.

  • Vaginal DHEA therapy

Intrarosa is the prescription DHEA vaginal suppository and the hormone secretes by adrenal gland. After it absorbs by vaginal tissue it will convert into estrogen and thus women can avoid any other estrogen items completely.

Oral treatment

There is an oral SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) that serves as natural estrogen. It restores the moisture of vagina and integrity of vaginal mucosa. It will promote the growth of uterine lining mainly in postmenopausal women. However, this comes with the minimum risk of small blood clot. The potential side effect of this treatment is hot flashes.

Vaginal dilators

When a person is celibate and menopausal for long period of time, lubricants and estrogen cannot restore the usual sexual activity. At that time, the GP will provide sets of vaginal dilators. It is soft plastic rod with 3mm-10mm in diameter that helps in increasing the vaginal capacity. Not all patients are suitable to use dilators and so they confine their sexual activities from penetrative sex and it is actually fun in many ways.

The art of foreplay

When you are busy with the kids and family, many couples forget the amazing magic of foreplay despite having a good sex life. But it may not work well because of vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction of the partners. However, still there is a chance that you can rediscover the joy of varieties of intimacies and foreplay over just simple intercourse.

When it comes to vaginal dryness, foreplay can restore lubrication naturally if you try before having sex. Remember, that vagina can take 6-8 weeks to return its tissues to premenopausal state.

Several symptoms are there which make treatment of menopause a big challenge except vaginal dryness. By making a private GP appointment in London you can treat it easily. Most GP clinics have effective and safe treatment for it. See your doctor today and seek treatment for your vaginal dryness.

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